Saturday, January 12, 2008


I had an AWESOME day today and i would be an ungrateful sod to complain about anything!!!
I had to get something done to my car and I thought the line would be crazy and found i was second in line.... traffic was great and I discovered an international store selling everything but my brother!!!
Then I went to get my hurr did... I feel soooo pretty:-) made myself a great lunch found some great designer clothing on sale and went out to see Juno.

I think the movie was really nice. if you haven't seen it yet.... this is your chance to stop reading and walk away because I am about to have a discussion.
Okay it was a nice movie... but i do not think it should have been PG-13. I thinks it's more suitable for an older audience:-)
Juno is the story of a pregnant 15/16 year old who is still in high school and living with her parents.
Several things came up for me in the movie which i probably would have to break into separate blog entries.
For one thing, I am happy that she chooses to have the baby and give it up for adoption, but I am not happy that they make it seem so simple. Her parents are very accepting of the matter, and she quickly finds adoptive parents for her unborn child. My problem with that is that kids are watching this movie, and they might get the impression that it's just --that easy!
I mean this story coupled with Britney spear's little pregnant 16 year old sister who has managed to keep her job and has even better rating than before she was pregnant might pass on the message that it's all gravy!
Any way Will expand on the abortion/ keeping the child issue and also on marriage tomorrow:-)
I am sleepy...and guess wat??? for the last year I have had 3 CD's sitting on my shelf still wrapped up and I finally opened one-- James Blunt:- Back to Bedlam... I am sooooooo in love with him it;s not funny!
"good-bye my lover...good-bye my friend, you have been the one for me"...ahhh!!! it's wonderful I tell you!!!!

à demain...


African girl, American world said...

work that weave!!!! I see you :)
I hope you have informed your white friends what the deal is and they don't say, wow your hair grew! LOL. After 25 times to explaining the process...I just stopped. lol

Manena said...

gurrl... I done taught them a lot! The other day Ryan and i were talking and he goes.. "that singers weave wasn't done right", I was like "go 'head...where did you learn that?"
He said "from you"... that was the best moment of my life!
I edumacated someone! :-)
The girls are still a sad story...I am working on it though. They have braids down packed.... but weaves are another story:-)

African girl, American world said...

LMBAO @ Ryan! Go head Ryan. I am SO PROUD of you and I don't even know you. He wasn't talking bout Beyonce was he?...hee hee. I just saw some pics and the child looked like she had 25 pounds on her head! It's just not right!

Manena said...

OMG!!!! It was beyonce!!!! I personally din't see the pictures, but he sure told me about them! That is so funny!