Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Iowa Caucus

I am soooo nervous about Iowa as if I have stakes in the elections:-)
I guess the suspence is killing me...who wins? who goes home a loser? what happens next?
I was just watching Huckabee on Jay Leno's show (i know right? how bored I'm I?), I waited up for him because I figured I haven't really given him a chance. I listened to Ron Paul and after that I shut everyone else out of my mind. So I stayed up tonight especially to listen to Huckabee.
The things I took home from what he's saying:
** love his policy on taxes and how he's going to make sure "the man" doesn't keep us down by changing tax brackets to make it easier for those of us that aren't wealthy to get along smoothly. I liked that he mentioned that the system encourages us to be lazy because when we work hard we get punished for it with high taxes!!!

** #2....OMG!!! Did he just endorse Obama???? This is getting soooo interesting!!! He said they are alike...etc. I am not sure what to think. a) he could just be a nice guy.... b) he could be saying it so that Obama wins now, so huckabee can take him out easily later...when it's just the two of them!!! lol

Okay no seriously I thought that was really sweet of him to promote a fellow contender on a show that was supposed to be promoting him:-)

So Kudo's to Huckabee... he is finally "one of us" in my eyes.

p/s... should Jay Leno be eating all that steak?

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