Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tshotsholosa- shosholoza

It has been a rather interesting week...and should be getting even better:-)
I went to See Ladysmith Black Mambazo...and yes... I did finallly find a date for the show!!! thank you date for going with me...I had a GREAT time!

I thought The tickets I had were like some bad seats in the balcony upstairs or something... then we got there and the ushers are like keep going straight down... I was like hmmm... then we get to out seats and we are like 2 rows from the stage!!!!! I was like soooooo over the moon!!! But we weren't allowed to take pictures which I though was soooooo gay!!!

Several things happened which led me to believe that they knew I was in the crowd and were putting on a show just for Queen M (a.k.a me:)...well one would be the seats coz i sho' aint bought the real expensive ones that we sat in!

Then they started with Unomantheba....oh man!!! I was in semi heaven!!!

Then they moved on to a few other songs, then hit...homeless-- I wanted to stand and dance!
They did their cotoza mfana (tip toe) dance... we were all much fun I tell you! They are also quite the comedians because they had us all in stitches and also taught us a song... I can not remember the words nor the tune:-)

I know I am acting like I have never seen them in concert before, but i have seen them many times:-)
'Chopteeth' will be playing at the kennedy Center...I have a feeling I will be running on African time again, so I probably wont make it there on time! Then on Saturday or Sunday, I may see Step Afrika! at the Kennedy Center as well... not sure which day I want to go.

here are 2 Zulu words for anyone interested out there:-)
Sisesiqhingini (Everything is So Stupid)
ngiyabonga! (thank you)


Manena said...

Oh don't forget Zambia plays Cameroon on saturday...fingers crossed...:-)

African girl, American world said...

gurl I love them! Homeless means so much to me. I saw them years and years ago when they came here...back when they had a lifesavers commercial out. Remember that?
And yes I was in your neck of the woods this past weekend but didn't have enough time to see everyone. Maybe next time.

kokakolafanta said...

I am so jealous!