Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My beautiful name gets butchered all the time by many people! I still do not understand why certain people fine my name difficult... I find it so easy myself:-)
I get meena, maneya, manana, manyana, mini, Mandela...and my all time favorite: Banana!!!
My extended and immediate family endearingly call me:- Manex (long before we heard of Amex!), Mamputu, Mwampuli, Manenekela, Bahdeidah...etc

So let me tell you how it is pronounced, then I will go into explaining why my name is unique and beautiful. Complimenting my personality and great looks;)

Manena is pronounced:- Mah- Neh- Nah and I will forgive strangers if they say Mah nee nah, Or Nena (neh nah) or Nena (nee nah)...but I will not accept anything else!
(excuse me for a minute i need to sing---- "to the rescue... here i am... I'm a rainbow too" sing it Bob Marley!) I needed a moment to shake my tush!
What Manena means:

My mother's uncle named me Manena. It basically means something that was said that has come to be, or that someone was right about a statement earlier made. Direct translation would be 'you have spoken the truth', a little similar to a prophesy-ish.
If I don't have you convinced of the beauty of my name, let the other languages tell it for themselves. By the way, all this information is googleable (Nice!)

in Swahili:-- groin (very important to have one no?)
in Kiribati:-- Valuable, of worth, precious, important
in Chamoru:-- Darling, dear
in Oraha:-- That person
in Hindu teaching:-- Respect

Nena means
in Igbo:- Nne (mother) Nna (father)- Nnenna means Paternal mother (you know how precious a mother's father is!
in Spanish:- little girl/ girl
in Swahili:- Speak
in Miwok:- Male lineage or ancestral home of male lineage
in Hebrew and Greek:- Nena short for a variation of Magdalena
Another interlude... "When the whole world lets you down and there's no where for you to turn and all of your best friends have let you down...." sing it Bobs!

Now how many of you out there have one name meaning so many great things???? Why is this post important?
Well to start with, I LOVE my name...can I just tell you that?
Secondly, I know 5 pregnant women right now... not that I'm twisting any one's arm, but it's very important to give names with great character to children. I mean ask Roundilox... she chooses to be called Neena even though that's not her name, but she caught on fast enough that aunty Manena is the best aunt in the world:-)

In addition, I mean, just look at me. You have proof right here that Manena's are genuinely nice people with the intelligence and wit of the best orator! We are passionate people who are not afraid to speak our minds. We're strong independent people. We are loving, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, self controlled (often) people. Fruit of the spirit anyone?

So think about that as you plan names for your babies. You do want what's best for them right? By virtue of my perfect name- they will have great lives!


kokakolafanta said...

koma ta shupika! hhmmm... I'm not even sure what to say! Ndipo!!

Manena said...

ahhhh my sistah ohhh.... you aint seen nothing yet!

Manena Harper said...

It's good to hear the confirmation...my name is Manena too!