Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday I spent most of the day with my aunt. I am not sure why, but I awoke with the need to cook... so i laboriously slaved over some chicken and yams and took the food over to my aunts house. After we ate we headed off to the mall...there are MASSIVE sales at the moment!!!
When we were done at the mall, we had a rough time picking out a movie and what theater to go to. I really love Independent theaters and movies, so i was all for landmark theaters. The movies we were debating on were 'the kite runner', 'Cassandra's dream', 'No country for old men', (my aunt was really keen on seeing 'the great debaters' or 'juno', both of which I have already seen).
We disqualified Cassandra's dream based on the fact that since Woody Allen slept with his adoptive daughter.... i lost love for his sick liittle mind. Not to discourage the rest of you, the story does look enticing, but i'll wait till Mr Tyrone hooks me up with the DVD :-)
Kite runner lost out because of the controversy surrounding the little boy... I wasn't in the mood to depress my self...seriously who wants to do that on a Saturday night?
We ended up watching http://http// No country for old men at our usual Georgetown theater. OMG!!! I should have paid attention to what the movie was about before we went in!

The main evil guy is the husband from the series Medium I think. I will never look at him the same again! He is Demented! I am not sure how many times I had to hide my face in my scarf and semi scream!!!! The two things i didn't get were a) why didn't the dude that stole the 2million dollars as soon as he found out they were on to him not leave for ...oh i don't know...Malaysia? maybe Conakry? and why in the world was he living in cheap ass motels over and over? dang! The dude didn't even enjoy the money he made from his little quick theft...! Then he died. Oh I'm sorry did I just ruin it for you? haha!

b) WTF???? hombre was dreaming????? evil dude wasn't dying! shoot!!!

Needless to say, I was a little shaken every time I heard trucks go by or saw some shadows! I was expecting shugaa to be in my house!

I had a fun drive home because my buddy in Canada kept me company on the phone all the way till I got to my house! Do you know women can TALK?? sometimes i get off the phone after chatting for several hours and I can not recall what we just talked about because a lot came up. That's not to say it's important info... sometimes it's just mindless chatter that we do, and other times we discover who Jane or Mary's baby daddy is:-)

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kokakolafanta said...

I saw the great debaters but I have not seen the other ones. You saw a scary movie at night? I am proud of you!