Sunday, June 03, 2007

Democratic debate quotes

Sen. Gravel- the comptoller had a meeting and announced there is no money- where will they (the other 7) get money to fund their plans? (was I the only one who noticed they kept ignoring this dude? even the review on CNN mentioned him vaguely. He might want to donate his campaign money to me!)

Gov. Richardson- America should care about Africa and we don't!

Sen. Obama mama- it took you 4 years to get here...(my fav! what a kick in the u know what's!)

Kucinich- no WTO turn to bilateral care for all.

Dod- restore constitutional rights

Sen. Biden- (man was ablaze on Sudan!) implement no fly zone and shut down janjaweed!

Sen. Hillary- This is George Bush's war!

Edwards- (responding to Obama) you are right, I was wrong

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Cho said...

Can Obama really do it?

Have you read his autobio? I keep picking it up in the book shop and then I go nah.....the man is a chain smoker...I am against it a good read? Better than the Soldier's Way by Powell?

I notice you like politics :)
You should fill the fun test of "political compass" on my blog.