Saturday, June 23, 2007

Girlfriend code of honor!

Yesterday the girls and I met for our usual sushi night. I was so stuffed I had to unbotton my pants! The sushi was just so good.
problem was, you remember the girl from my previous post "crazy love"? well she planned out our evening and at last minute while we were patiently waiting for her at the Sushi retaurant...she cancelled on us!!!

She broke the cardinal rule 'thy shall not ditch your girlfriends for a night out with a man that calls you every three months or so!' The girlfriends code of honor also states that, you can not come back and cry on my shoulder after ditching me for a night with said mr. doomass! Okay so as you can tell we were quite pissed...but you know what? every cloud has a silver lining! Remember how I said a few days ago that I would be in trouble for something that my friend and I did? well now that blondilox ditched us...she has has to make up for it by forgiving our little faux pas.

Well in our conversation, we went on a rant and rave about men...and quite frankly love is a fallacy...yeah I sound like a bitter old what do I care it's my blog! You're better off getting married for money than love. That way, you save yourself heartache...and can afford that little trip around the world that you've always wanted after the divorce! Besides if the attraction wasn't there you could always use the services of your pool boy or your personal tennis instructor!
Those of you in love will disagree, but think about it... how do you explain the high divorce rate? CBS ran a story that very few people in the Washington DC area...(especially negroes) were getting married and they are going to start PAYING people to get married! See even the government realizes that love don't pay the bills. I personally think the government will be doing it all wrong if they pay people to GET married... I would say pay people to STAY married...but whatever!

Women get a raw deal out of a divorce. So he leaves you in your 40's and he finds his young little chickeedee and you're stuck for the rest of your life alone after investing all your heart in him... well if you're Demi moore you get lucky... but don't hold your breath!

They say life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile. I don't know about that because life is short...but you need to make it meaningful and with as little heartache as possible. 'Loving truly' in my warped little mind brings major heart burn.

So with that said, I am bowing out of that 'find love' sort of life...I am off to find the equivalent of Anna Nicole's Mr.Smith! I should have listened to P when he told me I was born to be a gold digger, but I was in denial and ended up on the wrong path.


kokakolafanta said...

In defense of my hubby and I. We married for love and we will be together forever coz i'll kill him if he leaves me for a 20 year old!:) But i see what you mean. Men and fidelity are like oil and water.
love is tricky and you have to take chances. Don't give up yet, you might meet a good one like my honey! bani sunga zoona!

Barbz said...

hello Manena,
I have been reading your blog for a while and I finally decided to intoduce myself by leaving a comment. I really like your blog and you should keep writting.
I also sometimes think I should have married for money because my wife and I usually have money issues, but it is life and I love my wife. We married for rich or for poor. Love is heartache, but the heartache makes you stronger and strengthens your bond. Give it a chance.
I have a single younger brother who is a very good young man if you're interested I can give you his details in a private email. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4

Manena said...

kokakola & Barbz:- (barbz thank you for reading) lol! I was just having a moment.... I am sticking it out for Mr Darcy... u know that.
It's all about love baby! muah!

Manena said...

oh wait barbz is your brother rich? lol i'm just messing with you! thanks for the offer!