Friday, June 01, 2007

The Pussilanimous Manena

This post is dedicated to the few requests that I have received asking me to put my profile up.

The reasons that I do not have my profile up-- and I can create more are:
1. I like being sort of anonymous
2. If I one day want to be president of the world, I don't think a lot of the information here would help my cause:-)
3. I make some really ignorant comments at times and would rather not have strangers giving me the funny eye in public..."like..oh my, there goes! like...she's such a loooossser!"
4. My ignorance is HIGHLY contagious, and I do not wish to get sued for it!
5. I do not make posts during business hours...:) just incase the boss is reading, this will calm you down...and how sure are you that I am the 'real manena'?
6. I do not encourage my 7 active and dedicated readers to read my blog during work hours...and if they did, I don't want them hating me when they're fired. So it's best that they don't have proof that I'm "that manena!"
7. I know it's rather PUSILLANIMOUS (haha) of me...but such is life:-)
8. The first rule of law is never to commit anything you wouldn't want found to paper (or written words). Seek anonymity.
9. I do not wish to get stalked. There are too many weirdo's online. Trust me.


Cho said...

Your reasons are quite interesting.

Actually I think it depends on the type of blog you've got as opposed to the people out there.

Lets say you were a missionary in Zambia (as most of the blogs I have been reading of late are), its important to have your full profile etc.

Or lets say you a professor who uses the blog to talk to students, clearly you need everything.

But if you blog on sensitive political points or you are an insurgent in Iraq....then clearly not!!

With my blog, I initially did not have my photo up, but as people started streaming in and we have formed a deep intellectual and Zambian connection, I have felt it necessary to put it up. It makes for more personal and open conversations.

All the people at work know I have a blog :) I wasn't sure at first whether to tell them, but once they knew, they kind of thought it was cool. But I think that is only cos my blog has nothing to do with work, and most importantly I have a disclaimer :)

Cho said...

Oh....before I forget...
the only question I have about the the subtitle...

you say "I am who I am"

It kind of sounds like u are saying you God....

God is the only one who calls himself the I am...

But I think you just mean ---- you are just you :)

kokakolafanta said...

If you don't start bribing me, I will post your tuma details including all phone numbers! My shoe size is 8, I will be waiting for a pair of italian boots!

kokakolafanta said...

LMAO! I had to make sure pusillanimous is a real word! where do u find these words?

Manena said...

hi Cho!,
Indeed you are right, putting up your information depends on the type of blog you have. I for one like to keep it all mixed up, I do not want to be confined to one topic...I like to go with the flow. I actually felt a tad uncomfortable being placed on your blog because I am waaayy on the other spectrum of serious:-) Sometimes I know I border on offensive- but that's who I am:-) Those like that like me don't care, and those that hate me can (insert rude word here)lol.

Also, I had never noticed that my "I am who I am" is almost blasphemous! I always took the hebrew translation 'Ehyer asher ehyer'--'I am THAT I am' as the form for God, I forgot that 'YHWH' can also be translated to 'I am WHO I am'. Thank you for pointing that out. My intention was just to say that I am just me. I ask for forginess from heaven.

Manena said...

Kokakolafanta! ppssqqqrrrsssttt*** (that's a fyola by the way)

Fitty_Ngwee011 said...

Ahhhh, I like your Magenta colored background. I know technology is not there yet, but somehow, I smell raspberries when I open your blog. You just cured my allergies to raspberries. Your anonymity is intriguing for the nature of your blog. It's part of the fun. When someone asks me to reveal my ID in an anonimous online place, I tell them they may be disappointed if I found out I am their father. Talk about discomfort at the dinner table!! For the sake of good dinners, please keep your ID sealed.