Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Review of both debates

My top 3 candidates for the Republican party if I voted or was a Republican would be
1. Ron Paul: I think dude makes sense. In fact, he seems to stand out as someone who is not only prolife as it relates to the unborn...but prolife in that he seems to be promoting peace too. "we can't force democracy through the barrel of a gun" (or something like that. I think he did wonderfully tonight (and it's not only coz i have a soft spot for grandpa's)I also like how he answered the question on the 'don't ask don't tell' policy...such grace!

2. Brownback: I am not sure what happened to him today in the debate...he seems to have lost a spark. I have heard him speak before and he normally does better than he did tonight. An interesting fact about him is that he along with Senators Evan Bayh (D-IN), Joe Lieberman (D-CT),introduced a broad bill (S. 2025) that would remove the cap on hybrid tax credits as part of a package to reduce domestic oil usage. Plus he drives a Hybrid...I think. See my earlier posts on him...he really doesn't suck... he just had a bad night. He's not wishy washy...

3. McCain: I loved the speech about the hispanics...how he recognized that there are many hispanics in the war fighting for America...etc. I think he might have a shot with the hispanos!

My dem picks would be...
Obama: I doubt he'll win, but he gave it a good go on Sunday. I mean it's too early to tell at this point... but it's worth a shot for him. Who knows? When the ex Governor Ehrlich of Maryland was campaigning for a position...I heard many black people say they would vote for him because he was running with Michael Steel...who was a black man. So they specifically said they were voting because there was a black man running. So he could surprise us. People don't vote based on what you say and what you have done. They can also vote because of sex and skin color! I would vote for him because he has great teeth...lololol! It would be nice to have a black prez right? Lets go gansta on the white house!

Hillary: Because she's a woman. :) She kept reminding us of what her husband did for the country...nice move, but I would rather see her stand on her own merit. When Edwards punched her and Obama...I really didn't feel her punch back...she needs to work on leadership a little more...but I liked Bill, and if he rubs off on her, she might make an interesting president. It would be nice to have a woman in office...I just wish we had more choices for female candidates.

Gravel: he may be old and ignored, but I think he seemed realistic, especially when he asked them where the money would come from for all the "building castles in the sky" plans.

All in all, the Reps. throw more subtle punches at each other (Brownback vs Giuliani). While we're on the subject...how can Giuliani say he thinks abortion is wrong, but the government shouldn't impose it on women...isn't that like saying Killing is wrong, but we can't have the government stop killers? How can he be in two different boats at the same time??? He seems to be CNN's choice for candidate as they gave him unfair coverage...he really didn't make sense to me. As you've read from my previous posts...he should have stopped at 9-11.

Any way...for this month...those are the candidates I am watching, but things could change. As you can tell I wrote more on the Reps. coz my brain is more fresh as i just watched it.

Oops...I gotta go call my friend, she's in the Emergency Room...


Dar said...

Ron Paul seems to be asking for a show-of-hands in congress: HR2597 "To provide that human life shall be deemed to exist from conception"

Dar said...

The text of HR2597 is now available here:


It is stronger than I had thought. It allows states to regulate abortions and takes the federal courts out of the picture.

This is consistent with Ron Paul's views on the constitution.