Friday, June 01, 2007


It has been a rather interesting week. I think I read too much of Jefferey Sach's work because a day after I said sanctions wouldn't work on Sudan, he said the same thing. I guess great minds think alike :-)
Yesterday my little friend came over and I haven't seen her since she was 3 months old! She is now all testy and doesn't easily give out hugs like she used to. She's still sooo cute though!

I later went to a surprise farewell party for someone and I hate to be snooty, but I CAN NOT handle cheap wine! What happened was, I feel uncomfortable going to parties empty handed, so since this was unplanned, I grabbed a bottle of one of my wines for the party. When I got there, they laughed at me for bringing an expensive bottle and they offered me some interesting sangria. I had one glass only and 2 glasses of water afterwards because I know what happens to me when I drink cheap wine. I woke up with the worst headache ever.I should have really opted for the beer, but I'm not a beer fan. Then I had to go to a meeting to listen to financial projections and insurance stuff...I really thought I was dying a SLOOWW death...I almost called the newly released Dr. Jack Kevorkian to help me out of my misery!
I also got email from someone I went to primary school with years ago! It was a very welcome thing to happen and I was happy about it. Hopefully we wont lose touch this bad again:-)
After vowing the D.C area wont see a hide nor a hair of me for a loooonggg time because I'm D.c'ed out... I got a call asking me to attend a party..."you've just got to come." now the guilt is kicking in so I really must make an effort to go:-)I should have seriously moved to the D.C area when I got the chance, but I am not sure what changed my mind...

In addition to all the other fun stuff, I got 2 presents and it's not even my birthday! I love opening gifts, I don't care how retarded they are! most people know that the best way to trick me into doing something is to either offer me a sale (even 2cents off something gives me a rush!) or to offer me a nice prezzy!

You know what though, I often like to walk around the house in my birthday suit...I know that's too much information, but in the privacy of my own home I think it's safe to say that I can be as God made me:-) but I have found the dude 2 doors down twice at one of my windows. Now I can not call it sexual harrasment yet, but it's a little disturbing! For that reason, I never leave my curtains/ blinds open..don't you think it's weired???

And another reason why I am a news addict... a drug called tetrasil is causing 'pandemonium' in Zambia...see the 2 contrasting stories below:

Oh and before I forget, I did the powerful 9 hour novena of childlike confidence yesterday for 2 reasons. One was resolved by the end of yesterday! My God is an awesome God!!! It was so amazing when I got the news!

Lastly according to therapists from California State University and Virginia tech university- "The key to a happy relationship could be accepting that some miserable times are unavoidable" they also say that it's the fault of mental health workers and 'happily ever after' type movies which help create disharmony in relationships. Way to go in ruining my perfect life with Mr. Darcy! LOL!!!


Cho said...

Don't tell me you are Jeffery Sachs person?...the man with a burden to make Africa if people on the ground cannot think for themselves....

kokakolafanta said...

'pandemonium'! Mr. Darcy is NOT real, I don't know how many times I have to tell you that!

Manena said...

Cho: If you heard most of the ignorant comments made by so called 'experts on Africa' and such people around here, you would understand WHY I agree with him. He seems to have a clue, and even though he speaks like the people in Africa have no common sense, the west is more likely to listen to him and agree with what he says than they would if an African said it! Infact, many others would believe him first too because he is American. Refer to my post on the 'yes men' or my post on the 'expert on Africa' for further clarification.

Kokakolafanta: next you'll be telling me Santa and the tooth fairy are not real! give it a rest! I saw the money under my pillow-- if the tooth fairy didn't put it there...who did?