Friday, June 15, 2007

Lelo ni weekendi!

It's been a very restful but stressful week I must add! I am not sure how i managed to combine both... i guess I'm just super woman:-)

I believe I am going to be in soooooooooooooooo much trouble in a few weeks when the truth about something comes out! okay the thing is, my 'circle' of friends and I went to lunch yesterday without one of the group members. The missing member and I have been up to no good. One of the other members suspects the missing buddy of doing something that I know she did because I helped... but when the other member mentioned her suspicions to the group, I froze because I am one of the worst liars in the world... and in my panic, I couldn't find something casual to say to cover up the story and said not one word. I am so guilty right now coz I know they will crucify me for saying nothing... but they'll get over it. They will benefit from it in the long run... I would rather die than be Judas in this case:-)

Any way...what is with all the recalls of products? dude... I use colgate tooth paste... like the majority of Zambians, and i turn on the news yesterday and I'm informed some fake colgate from South Africa was circulating in the U.S, and that it has anti freeze or some crap like that in it! They say the way to know you have the fake colgate is to check the spellings on the box because the doomasses that made it can't spell! I just got done telling my mum to absolutely not use Chinese products at the moment because of all the people 'abale tongoka' (new zed word for dying! lol) now i have to call her again to make sure she's not using fake colgate!

Also, what is the love story between KLM and Kenya airways? The thing is, to travel to Zambia with KLM from Engy, you have to make a stop in the Netherland, then in Kenya, then Zambia. To return it seems you might even have to add Malawi. The flights are operated by Kenya air FYI. Then if you travel Kenya airways from Engy to Zed, you only stop in Kenya??? So what's the point of them operating with KLM??? Don't even get me started with the USA to zed procedure! That's why I am pro British Airways!

The Associated Press had this story 2 days ago...
2 Africans in Singapore face possible hanging for marijuana trafficking
12 June 2007
(c) 2007. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

SINGAPORE (AP) - Two Africans appeared in a Singapore court Tuesday, accused of trafficking more than 14 kilograms (31 pounds) of marijuana -- about 28 times the amount that draws a mandatory death sentence by hanging.

Daka Guinea, 21, a Zambian woman, and Chijioke Stephen Obioha, 29, a Ghanaian man, were arrested April 9 after Guinea was allegedly caught handing the drugs over to Obioha at a budget hotel in an eastern Singapore red-light district.

Obioha also faces a second charge of possessing 6.6 kilograms (14 pounds) of marijuana in a stash allegedly found in his residence, and a third charge of consumption.

Singapore has some of the world's toughest and most thoroughly enforced drug laws, with a mandatory death sentence for trafficking more than 15 grams (0.53 ounces) of heroin or 500 grams (17.64 ounces) of marijuana.

Guinea has been in contact with her family and Zambian consular officials -- including Keli Walubita, High Commissioner to Singapore and former Zambian Foreign Minister -- who has visited the woman in jail, her lawyers Shashi Nathan and Anand Nalachandran said outside the courtroom.

A pretrial court session was set for June 26.
The Southeast Asian city-state executed two African men, one Nigerian and the other stateless, on heroin trafficking charges in January despite clemency pleas by Nigeria's president, the United Nations and human rights groups.

Human rights group Amnesty International has said Singapore has the world's highest per capita execution rate. Singapore leaders say the tough system has saved the prosperous island nation from the drug scourge plaguing some of its neighboring countries.
So you would think I would be shocked that the doomass and her man were being executed right??? naaattt! (said in a borat way) I was more shocked that the high commissioner to Singapore was Keli Walubita!!! when will the recycling of politicians stop??? Lets learn from the Malawians! While were at it, the name Guinea doesn't even sound remotely Zambian! But any way, my sincerest condolences to her fam...coz we know she wont be going back, poor baby!


Cho said...

Kenya Airways and KLM belong to the same airline alliance called Sky Team [There are 3 alliances in the airline industry, the other two being Oneworld [which has BA] and Star Alliance]

I suspect Kenya airways are restricted in terms of landing slots into London especially at Heathrow. And so since Kenya airways and KLM belong to the same alliance, they get a helping hand. Or it could be they use KLM slots at Heathrow which comes with conditions about the routes they use(well this is a bit complicated to explain, they would not technically use someone's slots they can by them "second hand" with possible conditions).

kokakolafanta said...

guy nina ona kuti tinashika ba walubita!

kokakolafanta said...

and what you done??? Kenya airways kind of scurrs me!