Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So hope you're all well... I am very well thank you for wondering:-)

I have been a slacker...well not really, work is just going a tad too slow for my liking...maybe it's because I don't care too much for my present assignment. So in my wisdom, i put my resume on careerbuilder.com just to see what's out there...and this one dude called me an hour after... and he was seriously hitting on me! Now those of you that don't know me may not know that I have an amazingly sexy voice, but I can honestly (blowing my own horn) tell you that...(sigh) I do. So the poor fella was laying it on thick and tells me he's in Texas...ummm...yeah dude, since when did long distance relationships ever work? any way, I told him I'm waiting for Bill Gates to get a divorce because he will finally realize that he loves me...and i love his money, it's nothing personal :-) Mr. Dude wasn't amused i could tell...So he informed me that I would be getting atleast 30 calls a day from other recruiters...and I said 'screw that' when 2 more calls came in from some other folk, within the hour then I removed my resume... I would rather FIND my new job...than my new job finding me!

The weekend was swell... was out and about doing this and that. I remember lunch with a friend and house work...oh and i had a guest over...but that's about it. Monday chi na lila...sinina gone musanga...so needless to say I didn't work tuesday. Pa phoni na po nina yesako... I think I was on for hours!!!

What the heck is going on with British airways ticket prices? it's sofa king retarded! There is no need to confuse me any further as I am getting used to Ban Ki Moon's name...!

Oh and check out what grampa KK has to say about Mugabe if you didn't already see it on BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6728015.stm ...I am one of those die hard KK lovers...even if he killed me, I would still love him! I think it's the white handkerchief syndrome...banani dyesa kolyo kolyo!

lol...my niece has been banned from saying grace before meals and has been restricted to only saying it at bedtime, this is why:
inta (in the) name of chezus (Jesus)...
bwesh (bless) gwama (grandma),
bwesh mummy and daddy,
bwesh aunty manena,
bwesh uncle D,
bwesh my teacher,
bwesh nomsa,
bwesh talexis (alexis)
bwesh ba fwenda (brenda),
bwesh tommy,
bwesh lisha,
etc...she goes on for minutes remembering all the kids in her class! I think it's cute... but i can see how the food would be frozen by the time she was done if she said grace before meals!

Oh and the birth rate in England seems to have gone up...but zoona I doubt niba zungu! I can bet Mwenye and my nijah broda's have been helping in the increased labour! lol.

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kokakolafanta said...

ummm..chick! are you running a 900 number on your phone? why are recruiters hitting on your croaky voice? oh and where r u going on B.A?