Thursday, June 21, 2007

News in brief...

and now the news in brief...Approximately 50 UNZA students were arrested today for protesting a move by the University of Zambia (UNZA) management to change library times to 8am-1700hrs and changing the schedule that university fees must be paid by. The students are to pay 50% of the tuition due by the start of the semester and the rest by the end of the school term. Quite honestly though if you think about it, I would rather UNZA went back to the olden days when it was free because if you seriously think about it, majority of the people that attend the University in the first place are those that can not afford to go abroad...otherwise I doubt they would be bothered with attending classes at UNZA!

While were on the subject, I find it disgusting that a country with the majority of the population living on less than $2 can have real estate selling at more than $200 000!!! That is highly disturbing! music
In more News... remember how I was complaining a few weeks or so ago about the lack of real Zambian instruments in our music? Well someone seems to have heard me and they had a show in Lusaka where musicians show cased their talent at playing drums, the kalimba, guitars...etc! How cool is that? I wish I was there to hear it! I own my own kalimba, a xylophone and a drum...but I would be lying if I said I could play either... they are for decorative purposes in my house:-) Changing the face of Europe
Finally the and MSNBC are this week highlighting the issues of illegal migrants from Africa to Europe and how dangerous the journey is. I especially liked the MSNBC videos of the guy from Cameroon. They show you how from the north Coast of Africa you can see the beautiful city lights in Europe right over the dangerous waters beckoning all who care to look to come and taste la dolce vita! No wonder they risk their lives to cross! It looked so tempting and inviting that I too would have risked my life in the boat with holes to to leave the garbage dump they were hiding in to get to Europe!
and Finally the BBC has a competition going on BBC Africa to tell them "who you are" whether you identify yourself with your family, ethnicity or country. We have a Zambian representative today Miss Lizzie Williey. Don't even pretend you didn't call coloreds point fives!!! lol! I know you all did because I did it too in jest with my thorn park (a.k.a Colored quaters) buddies! But I find it really sad when I hear of people that were born and had lived in Zambia, but can not speak a vernacular language... I know i'll get bad mouthed for this... but it's really dull that you didn't pick up a language when the neighbors or the servants talked...c'mmon! I would have been very depressed if I had left home not knowing a Zambian Language. As a matter of fact, if you are curious enough you can learn anything. I know one or two words in many African, European and Asian languages...I am not profficient, but I can certainly swear or greet you in several different tongues because I was curious enough to find out what to say!

oh wait did I say finally?? i was wrong! I found this video on youtube. Well it was on Senator Brownbacks page and he was being highlighted by youtube yesterday, so I took a quick peak at his page and I am learning a lot! This couple at the bottom was living in Zambia and they had a few q's for the senator. I'll wait and see what his response is.


richard said...

Hi Manena. I found your site from searching Liz Williey on the net. I like it very much. I've lived in Zambia a long (very long) time but cannot speak a word of venacular so your post made me feel bad! You might like my site -

kokakolafanta said...

guy's like the hispanics who stay in the USA for years and can't speak English!
Oh and I miss the days at munali when we used to have protests and block great east road! lol!

Manena said...

hello Richard,
Thanks for reading my blog! Your blog is also quite lovely. I didn't mean to make you feel bad:) I am just good at making many people feel bad. Feel free to stop by more and you might learn some bemba here...*smiles*
kokakolafanta- lol! bad girl!