Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republicans debate quotes

Tancredo: hold onto the English language, it's what binds us

Huckabee: in the beginning God created the earth...

Thomson: There should be no amnesty till the border is secure

Brownback: Make iraq into 3 states; Shiite, Sunni and Khurish

Giuiliani: (in response to attack from Bishop about abortion) it's wrong, but government shouln't impose it on women. (then lightening struck...ooohhhh, for those of you in England...lightening seriously did strike...I'm not being sarcastic)

McCain: (to Tancredo) Muchos gracias!

Gilmore: (hillarious) Rudy McRomney!

Hunter: If they (illegal immigrants) pass though my fence, we'll sign them up for the olympics!

Ron Paul: (on Iraq) it's the wrong diagnosis getting the wrong treatment.

Romney: (on McCain) he's my friend, so i wont make this personal.

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