Thursday, April 13, 2006


HE GIVES ME FEVER! (i just had to get it out!)

The livelyhood of my woman kind is greatly at stake in Zambia! It is vastly disturbing that there are sooo many young lady's willing to do anything to get and most importantly to stay married! My one friend is in a marriage with a man who stops her from working because whe has too many admirers he prefares to guard her (please take note he is not employed!). They have 2 children and I have no idea how they make it through the day. She used to be such a resourceful and hard working lady and now she just sits there and stews in the house. She has lost her youthfulness and most of her beauty- for she was a very pretty girl before this union.

friend #2 has a man she has been seeing for 5 years. She has apparently given him a no sex till marriage ultimatum this year... but admitted that he has been cheating on her and she know it, but what choice does she have? and i can understand it. But when she told me how many women she has had to verbally assault to stay away from her man, all I could think of was... God forbid the day i become my mans keeper. There is no way you can control the actions of an adult. If a man wants to cheat, he will. She claimed after he cheated on her on one occassion, she went to a witch doctor and placed juju on him not to leave her and she seems to think it worked.

friend#3 & #4 are getting married to men who they knows can not control their wondering eye. #3 apparently is a different person in his presence just to hold on to the relationship...-God forbid the day I can not fart in front of the man who I love!

I can see that it is very difficult to hold onto a man in Zambia, especially if he has a job and looks good. There are atleast 4 women to each man, and the men know they are a rare commodity. Even useless men are turning women into fools! women have some sort of ESP, we know when a man is cheating, but sometimes we're in denial.

anyway to each his own! no matter how badly behaved men are....I need them because they give me Fever!

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