Thursday, April 13, 2006

War of the words

Remember when there was a huge debate about Zambia refusing GMO's from the USA? here is some interesting information on that topic:

Dang! who shall we believe? If it's important for the citizens of zambia to eat GMO's, why then is the rest of the world trying to move back to organic food???? i remember in one of my classes in high school when we had a lecture on natures "survival of the fitest" there is a natural way for plants and animals to weed out undesirable traits and survive based on the situation using the desirable traits. why not use the fund improvement of agriculture and a better agricultural seeting that can withstand droughts?

You mean the whole of Africa hasn't thought about a better farming system yet? now why does that surprise me concidering Zambia only has one dialysis site in the whole country???? so if health care and agriculture aren't important, what exactly is the Zambian governments priority?

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