Sunday, April 30, 2006

mary's bday

So I am all grown up and officially a case club member of a winery! I feel so mature, which is more than i can say about my behaviour last night...which we will not discuss... just know that I had cake in my hair at some point...

The gang and I went to celebrate Mary's (100th?-lol) birthday! we went to boordy's ( ) to support Maryland wines by drinking them...:) They had wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres. They had about 20 wines for us to as u can imagine, i was not driving home! then we went out to Sushi Hana- as is tradition for birthdays in our "circle". We also got to meet Angela's new baby sierra... she's the white dog doing a dookey! Then we went home... though I really wanted to go dancing:(

Today it's off to Michele's baby shower which I forgot coincides with the Darfur rally and starts at the same time boo-hoo!. I actually didn't RSVP for Michele's baby shower because I guess I'm rude... so I hope I don't get kicked out.

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