Thursday, April 13, 2006


MLK, not to be confused with milk! is Martin Luther King day which is celebrated today. Basically its a chance for all races, mostly black and white to discuss the changes in racist attitudes in America.

Only an idiot would think racism is abolished...slave trade may be abolished but the racist mind still forges on undeterred by the laws and the rights of others. I for one have experienced it in many places...sometimes its obvious, and sometimes you have to sit and think about it because some people are good at hiding what the real story is. Its assumed by a lot of people that all racists are white...not true. I have had most of my worst experiences with white people, but I also experienced it from Asians in Africa. My other experience is the segregation whose name I don't know yet.... the kind imposed by black americans on black Africans.

when Asians act in a segregative manner-- i just think their rude.
When white people act in a segregative manner-- i expect to see them at my door with white sheets over their heads and a burning cross. Telling me I'm the daughter of ham!
When balck people act in a segregative manner-- I am disturbed!

The best part is dating someone outside your race.... you would think you were totting a lion into town! First you think it was because you were in a small city, then it happens in big cities...and then you are like are we in 1950 or something? Better still is walking around with a person of another race in Zambia and have people thinking you're turning tricks (slutty!)

Racism to me is somehow like religion too... there are people that fight hand, tooth and nails to preserve their races. To some extent I can understand where some of these thoughts may manifest themselves such as when white supremacists feel like their race is slipping away they would do whatever it takes to produce more white people. Refer to Hitler on this one.

Bottom line is... I am colour doesn't wash off...hate me because I'm beautiful.

well i am not feeling very focused right now... i need to jet and look at myself in the mirror for the 15th time today.

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