Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hamba khale

I just got back from a trip to Zambia for my grandmothers funeral last night. There's nothing like an 18 hour plane ride to liven up your mood... I actually almost flirted with this hottie that was seated like a seat away from me...till i found out i was in the wrong seat...:)

The funeral went as well as can be expected, we all had our share of sleeping on the floor in the usuall Zambian fashion. We also got to experience "uku pyanika" which is basically giving the name of the deceased to a family member who has her kind of spirit and will carry live life like she did.

My grandmother had actually been saying bye to the family for atleast a year before her death and i guess we didn't really take her seriously. She got renal failure on the 20th of march and was air lifted to Chililabombwe (which has the only dialysis machine in Zambia!). By then she was comatose and was dead by the 25th... so it was pretty fast and she luckily didn't have to witness the death of any of her children.

Mama had people fly in from China, England, USA, the netherlands, south africa and most of Zambia. For the first time in Many years all 8 of her children finally got together. I saw many people that I haven't seen in like God knows how long...funny how time flies!

Needless to say, i took many pictures...funeral also available on video and DVD...:) It was beautiful send off and if she's looking down on us, i hope she was happy with what she saw.

RIP mama and In memorium Nick Berg

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