Monday, April 24, 2006


I spent the weekend in Lancaster Pennsylvania mostly for my friends art exibition... but also for sight seeing.

Friday I got my first Manicure and pedicure combo! all i can say is woah! massage chair and man rubbing and worshipping my feet! what more can i ask for? Got a new outfit...and looked mighty fine if I can say so myself! and that's not exaggerated because several people mentioned the fact that I looked awesome and artsy! in short- I just can't help that I'm hot!

I have new career plans-- ART!! a little palm sized picture of a horse was $770???? WTF??? I have nothing artsy fartsy in me...and can only draw stick people... but with the right advertisement...I could be rich!!!

Lancaster looks a bit like Baltimore/parts of Washington D.C and boy was it fun to see the Amish with their beards, hats and carts!

Saturday was hillarious! so this group calling themselves N'Bonye African Dancers were set to there I was rushing to see the performance running in heels that i normally don't wear. I was met by the sound of drums that made me want to gyrate my hips there and then! The drummer had skills! then I walk into the room and the performers are 4 white people in traditional African garb, one black person, and another person of questionable race... now granted I am not a rascist... but that was really ODD! The dancing was a little erratic... but what do I know about Guinean dances? even with my limited experience though, it looked like an immitation of the real thang! for your viewing pleasure visit (hey atleast i made u curious to see them, so I'm not that mean innit?)

Sunday wass breakfast with the buddies, shopping, shopping and more shopping for things i probably wont need. Then I was counselling a pregnant friend...big sigh... I am confused by how to help her.

Then i ended the night by enjoying a massage and a nice cold glass of Amarula! ;) I'll have pictures for you when they're ready...


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