Thursday, April 13, 2006


you all know I have to discuss religion being that its a sunday and all right?

I didn't go to church by the way... I sat on my badonkadonk and drank tea all day. I also got to watch Enerst Angley...funny stuff! he's a pentacostal minister who just hilariously and "miraculously" heals people on the spot... "who loves you?" he asks, and the congregation responds, "jesus!!!" I especially like when he goes to Zambia and makes these deaf and dumb people hear and speak...and he says to them "say baby" and they repeat after him "baby!" HHHHHAAALLLEEELLLUUIIIAAA!! How the hell did a deaf and dumb Zambian learn how to speak english on the spot and understand what it means to "say baby?" WOW! that's some powerful stuff. I should probably become a minister in Africa. Its a pretty lucrative business. I know people who started off with nothing and are big time ministers making thousands!

I also have problems with people thinking everything "third-world" has to be backward and wrong. In my confirmation into catholisism class, a Monsignor something or another mentioned that it was harder to teach Africans the word of God because "they don't have a developed way of thinking....they believe in animism...and they have a long way to go in order to think in a more advanced manner." Okay so this man is trying to tell me to believe in a God that I have not seen, and in a heaven that i have not seen, and to forget biology-- Virgin Mary gave birth to a son, also pray to angels and saints for intercession. Once i understand this, my way of thinking will be greatly improved. My ways.... those of my people. The belief that God exists in everything, that he provides for communities, and that ancestors can intercede. Apart from missing Jesus in our equation, I think our thoughts and the thoughts of the Chritians are just as irrational/ rational. Why I'm I catholic then you may ask.... because that is where I heard God call my name. Schizophrenia...?

That's not to say that I believe in all things catholic. For instance i don't agree with the teaching on birth-control based on yesterday's topic of HIV/AIDS. Many say its the popes fault that a large number of people especially in Africa have contacted HIV because of this teaching. I don't agree with that because if they were diligent enough to follow the teaching, they should have been as religious enough to follow the other teaching which says "no sex before marriage".

All in all, religion in as much is it is binding is also the cause of a lot of destruction and separation. Its best to let people research their own paths and choose their own religion without force or pressure.Who knows where God will call their name? Who knows if the religion they pick is wrong or right? none of us were there at creation. We do not know the answers but can only trust and obey.

Shalom, peace be with you and inshallah, I will impart more knowledge to you tomorrow.

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