Thursday, April 13, 2006

Senzenina- what have we done?

I just depressed myself with another movie titled ‘in my country’ ( ). I knew what it was about before I started watching it, but I put it on any way. The movie is about two reporters tracking the stories of families in South Africa during the ‘peace and reconciliation’ hearings. I seriously think had I lived during that era, I would have committed suicide! It really makes me sick to think people believed in torturing others because that was the norm of the day.

For some people it would be difficult to understand the system of “Ubuntu” the African system of forgiveness. It’s based on the theory that if I am hurt by someone, I can sit down and talk with them so they understand how much they hurt me, and they in turn can tell me why they hurt me and ask for my forgiveness in turn. I guess it’s a good system for people that want closure.

Other than the difference in skin color and the time line, there isn’t much difference between this movie and ‘Hotel Rwanda’ ( ). Both are packed with unhealthy amounts of human hate based on misunderstandings. For another good movie in the same line you may want to see ‘the power of one’ ( ). I cried watching all these movies and I’m not usually a crier.

It is really refreshing to see bravery in the face of struggle though, such as that exhibited by the school children in 1970’s South Africa ( ). They stood and marched en masse to protest the teaching of Afrikaans in the school and I guess apartheid in general. I doubt the chicken ass students I had in high school…or I for that matter would have risen up and done something so dramatic. I may be a drama queen, but guns aren’t my cup of tea!

Okay I need to go now, and the next topic will be --why come White American women get so much coverage when they goes missing as opposed to black American women? a sista’z gotta axe somebody!—BTW, y’all are gonna get tired of listening to this racist stuff coz I’ll talking about it a lot during the declared ‘black history month’ of February. A whole 27-28 days…gee thanx America!

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