Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ports deal

Dear friends,
I am sorry it has taken me a while to write. I apologize, but I have been sooo busy! I will fill you in on my life later. I am back to report on a matter so grave- the Baltimore ports.
I can not believe it was such a big deal! According to the Washington post, “The port, owned by the state of Maryland, has five major terminals that are leased to British, Danish, Japanese and American companies. Britain-based P&O operates the largest of them, the Seagirt Marine Terminal, where most cargo shipped in large containers is handled, along with part of the nearby Dundalk Marine Terminal, which handles mainly cars and construction machinery.” The Washington post then goes on to say that, the cargo that comes in is searched randomly. So who is to say that now with a non-Arabic owner dirty bombs, drugs, terrorist, bird flu…etc wont come in??? Besides, the company wont fire all employees at the port, and almost all the employees at the port are American citizens. DO NOT FORGET THAT EVERONE HAS A PRICE!

I heard an irrational argument made by someone that 1 in ten UAE citizens hate America, and therefore with so many haters, we should not allow them to run the ports…mmmkaay! If that argument flies in congress, then the argument that white people should not be allowed to manage black people based on their history of slavery/ racism should too. Who is to say that the next white person I meet is not a closet KKK, or a closet skin head, or a Timothy McVeigh? Shouldn’t the government then impose rules based on my irrationality that all white people before leaving the house should be investigated by the FBI and fill out questionnaires regarding their beliefs so all black people can be comfortable to walk the streets and feel “safe” that no whitey is going to get them? What if 1 in 10 white people hate me? How will I know? I don’t have the capacity to bar them from running all the companies I work for and yet, living in a “free nation” shouldn’t my safety also be a priority for the government? Oh wait…what I’m I thinking… I’m black that doesn’t fucking count!!!
As a woman, I wont lie and say I'm pro-islam... but dude, lets be fair!

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