Thursday, April 13, 2006


I just got of work because I am a productive member of society and proud of it. It wouldn’t really hurt if I married a rich man though. I would still be productive… but in a different ‘my-shoes-cost-$3000’ type of way J

It’s because of this productivity that I would like to thank my mother and all the women in her family for showing me that women can survive without men despite what society says.

My mother sacrificed for me to attend good schools in Zambia and for me to graduate from college. She made sure when I was younger that I got to visit countries that many people only dream about. She also made sure I visited less fortunate relatives so that if she died and I ended up either with the rich folk or the poor folk, I would know how to act. I believe everything she earns she shares with me, even long after I can fend for myself. I also believe she would die first before allowing anything to happen to me and it’s this knowledge that aides me in getting up on a bad day.

Of course there were periods in my life that I thought my mother was psychotic…and I realize now that I don’t have kids and have no idea what type of mother I will be, and I might turn out to be just as psychotic as she is. No offense to her other kids… but bwouy! Your mamaz crazy!!!

To watch these amazing women in my mother’s family has been inspirational. No matter what the paternal society I grew up in says, I know a woman’s livelihood doesn’t depend on a man. It depends on her spirit and ability to endure hardships without faltering. Even in the light of the shipikisha club theories!

To my mummy I say thank you for molding the bones I use for my spine, thank you for the lenses that you curved for my eyes to see things clearly and for giving me a killer
voice to express myself with (not to you of course J! ). I have also come to terms with the fact you you messed up and didn't give me a little sister, or that you never made me a twin. You are forgiven.

Finally, thank you for the best product you’re ever created- me.

(hey she might send me more money for this!)

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