Thursday, April 13, 2006


I have finally joined the world of blogging. I guess its time the world got an education from me!.
Well for starters seeing since its my first day and all I wont go into too much detail about my life experiences and all that. But i can certainly tell you I had 2 healthy bowel movements today.

Some guidelines:
1. I will be discussing a lot of issues in the coming days.... and please don't pay attention to my grammer or spelling. English is my forth language and quite frankly I don't care too much for spelling errors... and this is my blog so i can do what i damned well please. I guess that means i can say damn too!
2. I don't claim to be an expert on anything, I am not a lawyer, pope or president. So don't quote me or believe everything i write. I have some strange opinions too.
3. I hate American football...which kinda looks like rugby and has men in tight clothes hitting each other on the ass... now if that's not gay... then..well you know the rest.
4. I have nothing against lesbians... but i have something against gay men... y'all know the male population is smaller than the female population...we're already sharing men as it is.... so why would they be selfish and do each other???? and don't let me get started on undercover brothers....
5. I am Zambian Catholic- if such a thing exist...if not I think it should!
6. I love chocolate
7. I love wine/ champagne- which ever comes first!
8. I love music- any kind
9. i love exotic food... bring on the caterpillars (finkubala)!
10. I love me, I love my mummy, my daddy(MHSRIP), my baby brother, my sister, her baby, the million and one relatives i have(well maybe minus 2), and my friends...and my bossom
so as you can see.... there's a lot to learn from me and I have no issues exposing my ignorance...hey I'm from a third world country what do you expect??? even Socrates had his short comings! well that's it for today fill you in tomorrow...ciao

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