Thursday, April 13, 2006

Midlife crisis

So last week I lost my first patient...wwwaaahhhh it was pretty sad actually, but i had to keep a straight face for his family. It amazes me that one can never get used to death. I know a good number of relatives and friends that have died, and each time I am informed of a death it feels like the first time i have lost someone.

Apparently the life expectancy of Zambians is 37( )... so being that I'm 20 something, I should be experiencing my midlife crisis now since i missed my chance when i was 15. I unfortunately can't afford a ferari, but I am happy to announce that i can still attract younger men. So yeah...I've still got "it" baby!.

With the life expectancy being 37 though that reminds me I'm getting closer to that age...death is upon me...woe is me. I remember one time in Zambia when my friend got obssessed with witch doctors and stuff. She came to my house one day and declared that one of her Ng'anga's had seen me in his calabashes and wanted to meet me personally. I was terrified because these punks were notorious for turning up in someones room at night in the nude! So I quickly went to my local parish and woke father B so he could give me some incense to burn in the house. He asked me if I was afraid of death, and it hit me that being afraid of death was irrational because it was bound to happen someday...i mean we're all born to die. My fear was not of dying but of how I would die. 6 million ways to die choose one!

I guess the news made me a little morose today. Usually the news is B.S., on occasions it makes me laugh and other times it makes me sad.

On a lighter note... its sushi night again today and i am sooooooo excited! I am off to take a nice bubble bath in preparation. Not that I'm preparing to impress anyone because OMG... where have all the men gone?

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