Thursday, April 13, 2006

U.S Immigration

ok. so the immigrants took to the street to fight heavy punishment on illegal immigrants.

On the one hand, being that I'm foreign and all, I would say say easy on the punishment. I understand the hardhips that come with trying to make a better life for yourself. To be honest really, it's the fault of the United States for implying the country is one full of milk and honey. When the United States is shown on t.v. back at home, most of the shows look like there is absolutely no poverty here...when in fact there is. So juan and leftedi watching t.v in developing nation would assume that in order for their lives to be better, they would need to get to the U.S and live there no matter what! have people being smuggled in.

Also being an immigrant comes with a bad package as we have seen with the youth in russian and around the developed world who seem to think foreigners are stealing their jobs. That my dear friends is physically impossible. An employer picks the best candidate for the job and the resources available. If he's a cheap ass and prefers to pay minimum wage or under- do you really want to be employed by them???

Then when a foreigner wants to marry a citizen, many people suspect the foreigner of wanting citizenship no matter how genuine the relationship is. I will not lie and say all marriages are valid. There are people who take advantage of others and the system.

On the other hand, I don't see why a person who has had to do things the legal way should be treated the same way as an illegal immigrant as is being suggested. Some people that take the legal route have to wait many years and deal with a lot of bureaucracy before they get citizenship. It's a long rough road for some who try to leagalize their stay in the U.S. and i really don't think its fair for someone who stole their way into the country to receive the same benefits as everyone else.

I am watching a movie while writting this, so i am very distracted... u get the picture of what I'm trying to say though right???

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